Thursday, March 09, 2006

CORPSE: "Tall Posts and Knotted Ropes for Peaceful Use"

From Persian news website, Capital of Oriental Republic of Persia, Sushan Enterprise:

In the face of mounting international criticism, Persian chief minister Haman claims his ambitious recent installation of tall posts and ropes is for purely peaceful purposes and that he is merely doing what other countries do in the course of developing large scale laundry drying industries. Wooden posts must be erected with lines between them in order to dry laundry. At taller post heights, they can be used for hanging Jews as well. This so-called "dual-use technology" has long been the bane of international inspections regimes.

UN investigators have so far failed to uncover any evidence Haman's posts are to be
used for prohibited activities, noting that the decree calling for the slaughter of all Jews in Persia could be just a metaphorical way of speaking out against the Jews obstinate refusal to bow down, and didn't unambiguously mean they were specifically to be hanged. Haman has prevented further inspections and is carrying on with the construction at a furious pace. Investigators have called for patience on all sides and have asked for more time to negotiate for Persian guarantees of either a height limit on posts, or to mandate the use of Russian noose-makers. The chief inspector, speaking over the pounding of hammers, said "Give diplomacy a chance."
Haman calling for diplomacy -- now that's noose!

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